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What is Lions Mane+ good for?

Lions Mane Mushroom + CDP-Choline & Huperzine A for Memory and Mental Clarity. A curated stack utilising Lions Mane Mushroom to promote neuron growth and repair, paired with a brain bioavailable building block (CDP-Choline) to the essential neurotransmitter acetylcholine, then supported with a Huperzia Serrata extract to reduce the degradation of the same acetylcholine. The end result: improved mental clarity and memory recall today, but also supporting your brain in the years to come. Lions Mane+ is working to solve our everyday quality of life challenges. Having a clear head to respond to that client email or comfortably discuss your project in a meeting. Too often the culture in modern offices is to reach for that third or fourth coffee, Lions Mane+ steps...

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