Making Synapses Ep.2: Caffeine History, Pharmacology, & Day-to-Day Use

In the second instalment of Making Synapses we discuss Caffeine, Historical use, Pharmacology of Caffeine - including what your body does with caffeine, and what caffeine does to your body. Following this, we talk tolerance and withdrawal considerations, then finishing off with some Day-to-Day chat and tips for using caffeine effectively as a tool in life and preventing dependency. 

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Podcast Roadmap

The roadmap of Making Synapses Ep.2 is as follows:

  • Introduction and podcast roadmap (0.00);
  • What is Caffeine and in what plants is it naturally occurring (1.55);
  • Human use throughout history, controversy, and it's rise in popularity (3.30);
  • Pharmacology of Caffeine (6.50);
    • Dosing (7.20);
    • Absorption from ingestion (8.20);
    • Distribution throughout the body (8.45);
    • Actions of caffeine as an adenosine receptor antagonist (11.00);
      • What is Adenosine and its action (12.00);
      • A1 Adenosine receptor (13.40);
      • A2a Adenosine receptor (14.00);
      • Effects of preventing Adenosine binding (14.45);
    • Metabolism and clearance of caffeine from the body (17.40);
      • Paraxanthine (18.50);
      • Theobromine (19.30);
      • Theophylline (20.05);
    • Tolerance build (21.00);
    • Withdrawal (22.20);
    • Overdosing symptoms (23.20);
  • General life considerations and practical take-homes (24.10);
  • Reading from "This is your mind on plants" by Michael Pollan (28.43).

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